Förelämpningar är argument som används av folk som har fel....


Vi har tänkt på fler saker före frukost - än de flesta tänker på en hel dag...... :)

Så sant!!

Om vi ändrar vårt tankesätt och vi ändrar världen.........

There is a strong evidence

that the higher our self-esteem,

the better we will be able to treat others.

Do not ask

what you know

you do not care. 

Your past should be in your heart

and your future in your hands


Come on....




I agree.... :)

Einstein KNEW A Lot...

So You GOTTA just at least TRY..... If YOU think it will encourage you.....


If you were lost inside trying to find yourself growing up, you add others thoughts and feelings maybe so to find You - Release and start thinking - I....

Sharpen your senses

So... Do you feel it or is it just something you just run thru???

People - Good or Bad

transl: You can never change people around you, but you can change whom you want to surround you - with... Make that choice, YOU have to learn to put you in charge

That´s RIGHT!!

Straighten up hold your head high.. Somethings you feel better if you made peace with but some feelings you also need to wanna overcome your fears

There is always a new sunrise :)

Give me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference
The FIRST step YOU gotta take.... If you wanna start the adventure of LIFE and FINDING YOUR PATH....



Aren't we suppose to???


This is how my brain would look- i´m sure off :)


Everything has a certain meaning, Everybody has a certain thing to hold on to, Every piece belong together and makes a connection , The world in the Community....

Even the greatest...

They have everybody started from zero.... If they could why wouldn´t we??

No word needed.... right!!?